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Narinder Singh
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South Australia, 5072
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Client Testimonials


“Narinder Singh from Action Coach provided me with the resources and skills I needed to increase my efficiency in regards to time and also increased my profit as a result of business analysis. As a result of our work together, I feel more confident and productive. Thank you for all your help and continuing support. I would recommend any small to medium business owner to benefit from Narinder’s experience”


Peter McCray – Southgate Conveyancers


“Coaching with Narinder has helped me a great deal. Before working with Narinder I was really struggling in my business with no decision-making skills or direction so I was therefore simply working in my business. Because of the awareness and knowledge that I now have learned about my business I am confident when making decisions. The decisions that I make regarding the business are all based on facts and figures rather than guess work. It is impossible to make decisions regarding your business without having the facts. Narinder has given me the tools and sent me to the right people to now know all of this.

Narinder is a very approachable coach with a broad practical knowledge on how to get things done in business. He has helped me in all aspects of the business including helping me to have confidence in my decision-making.

The coaching that he has delivered has been priceless and I feel in control for the first time since buying my business.


Kylie Langbein – Knead Me


“You have definitely re-configured my head space a bit. Made me think about why being in business for myself and not be employed somewhere and what that means. I need to get that ball rolling and not just thinking about surviving but more importantly growth.


I need to make it fun though as if I need to be stressed in my life again it has to be because of things that somehow will benefit me and things I enjoy doing.”


Jacob Hoffmeyer – Hoffmeyer Graphics


“I have found Narinder very helpful in teaching me how to make tough business decisions in my business. With only three decisions made in the first month of coaching with Narinder, we saved $45000 annually, which is 10% of sales. Narinder taught me how to market more effectively and positioning myself as a jewelry expert in my community”.


Lorie O’Neil – Murray Harvy Jewellers


I have engaged Narinder as my business coach. I have found his guidance very practical and insightful and he has already added value to my business in this short amount of time. I highly recommend Narinder for Business Coaching, regardless of what industry.


Sam Tucci, ST Construct (SA)


Narinder from ActionCOACH has helped me create structured goals and tools to improve my business financially. In just 3 months, we have grown our net profit by 10%. He does not just hand everything on a platter but gives me knowledge to seek out my own answers. We are now working towards implementing systems to grow the business without compromising on customer service.


Anton Chef Brown, Brown & Sons Plumbing &  Gas Services


The biggest benefit of the Ultimate Business Planning Workshop is clarity with plans that I had in my head written down. It is a live plan that I can act on, monitor and more importantly direction in my business. I would strongly recommend doing this for any business owner who ants to see their business perform better.


Mark Bates, Kitmark Australia


The reason I did the Ultimate Business Planning Workshop was to put ideas in my head into plan. It really got me thinking about where I am and where I want to be in 2 to 5 years time. This workshop has really cleared up my thinking, purpose and milestones. To business owners who have done a business plan … Give it a go!

Kevin Rowley, Jim’s Blinds







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